Questions and Answers

Sports Physicals

Do sports physicals really have to be on a certain piece of paper?

Yes,  IHSAA states that the sports physcials must be documented on the IHSAA physical evaluation forms.  This provides uniformity for all schools within the state.


Can my child transport medication to and from school?

Middle school and high school students can transport medication with certain responsibilities and stipulations.  The student must bring the medication to the clinic upon arrival to school.  The student cannot distribute medication to any other student.  All medication must be distributed through the clinic.  Each medication must be accompanied by written consent from the parent. Cough drops are treated as medication and must have a parent note of consent.  The consent should include name of medication, date, and when to be given.  All prescription medications must be in the original container. Any narcotic or ADHD medication should be transported by the parent.  Any student violating the above will be disciplined according to school policy.