21st Century Scholars

Apply On-Line at: www.scholars.in.gov

How to Apply

If you're an Indiana seventh or eighth-grader who qualifies for the program, you can get up to four years of undergraduate college tuition to attend an eligible Indiana public or private college, university or proprietary institution.

You qualify if you:

  • Are a resident of Indiana as an applicant and as a scholarship recipient (determined by the residency of your parent or legal guardian).
  • Are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Are enrolled in the seventh or eighth grade at a charter school, freeway school, or other Indiana school recognized by the Indiana Department of Education.
  • Fulfill the Twenty-first Century Scholars Pledge.
  • Meet eligibility requirements, including placement in foster care, or be a member of a family at or below the 2013-2014 income maximums.

Income Requirements

Household Size

Maximum Annual Income











7 or more

For each additional person, add $7,437









Scholars' families must be at or below the 2013-14 income maximums at the time they apply (except for students placed in foster care). If a Scholar's family's financial situation improves by the time the Scholar enrolls in college and claims the scholarship, the scholarship amount may be reduced based on the family's ability to contribute to the student's college education.

Where can I find a program application?

Students may request applications for the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program from:


Completed 2013-2014 applications must be received by the Twenty-first Century Scholars program on or before June 30, 2014.

* The scholarship amount may be reduced depending on the availability of funds and the availability of the student's family to contribute to college

 During the 2011 Indiana Legislative Session, the following changes were passed by the Indiana General Assembly that affect the 21st Century Scholars Program.

In addition to or superseding prior law, the following changes take place now, starting July 1, 2011 (those enrolling in the upcoming enrollment year 2012 or later):

Enrollment Changes

  • Enrollment is limited to 7th and 8th graders only (6th graders can no longer enroll).
  • Scholars will be informed that they must participate in an academic success program.
  • Scholars entering high school during the fall of 2011 and later (class of 2015 and beyond) must graduate with a high school cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • To enroll, a student must be a member of a household with an annual income of not more than the amount required for the student to qualify for [federal] free or reduced price lunches, as determined by the immediately preceding tax year for the household.
  • Scholars must use the scholarship within one year instead of two.

Scholarship (post-HS) Changes

  • Scholars will have to participate in an academic success program while in college. There will be a one year grace period for implementing this part of the legislation.
  • College freshmen will be required to meet "satisfactory academic progress" as defined by their college. Sophomores will be required to maintain at least a 2.25 GPA and college juniors and seniors must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA beginning Fall 2012.

Delayed Changes

  • Those enrolling in the Scholars program during enrollment year 2012 and beyond who do not qualify for any state need-based aid (e.g., Frank O'Bannon Grant) when entering college will receive a one-time amount of $2,500 or less, as necessary for SSACI to meet the state's 21st Century Scholarship budget appropriation.
  • If the Scholar is eligible for state need-based aid, the 21st Century Scholarship amount may be reduced from full public college tuition or the private or proprietary cap as necessary for SSACI to meet the state's 21st Century Scholarship budget appropriation.

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