Christina Cole

​Ms. Cole

GREETINGS!  I am looking forward to another incredible year at WES-DEL!
I started my teaching career here at Wes -Del in the fall of 2002.  After graduating  from the School of Science at Purdue University, I headed east to Muncie.  Wes-Del is the only school I know!  In that alone I consider myself very lucky.  My son is also a "WARRIOR" in the elementary. Currently I teach CHM I, CHM II, ICP and BIO AP.  I am a co-sponsor in the spring for the Talent Show.  I am also a co-sponsor for the High School Student Council throughout the school year.

2015 - 2016 Class Schedule

1st - Prep
2nd - CHM I
3rd - CHM I
4th - Pride
5th - ICP
6th - CHM I
7th - BIO AP
8th - CHM II

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"Give me a fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own corrections.  You can keep your sterile truth for yourself"
- Vilfredo Pareto